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Welcome to, a fan site dedicated to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis System in addition to its add-on units, Mega CD and the 32X. The aim of this website is to build upon and maintain a community for all those who still remember the great 16-Bit era.

The site itself provides a games database, which should provide screenshots, box texts, manual scans, images and cheats/tips for your favourite games of yesteryear. A great deal of information can be found on this website, but it is more aimed at the gamer or collector than technical boffin, and is by no means comprehensive, neither does it aim to be. What is most important to us is your opinions, your stories and your memories of playing these great games. If you can capture those on a game review then please share them with us.

The site forum also provides a place for Mega Drive fans to meet and discuss the console and its games, if you have fond memories of playing these games, or if you are a hardcore collector the forum is the place to discuss those good old times, or find out what`s rare, trade with other members and post your wants list.

Unfortunately I can't do all this on my own. by Peder Johnsen on 1. April, 2013

I've decided to stop working on this, I'm going to add all the code for the website including an export of the whole site db on If anyone want to pick up where I left feel free to do so, some of the code is still far from done and some of it might even be useless in it's current state.

I will probably still do some small changes to the code myself but I don't see myself finishing this website all on my own so this is how I've decided to do it for now! I'm going to keep renewing the domain and this forum will stay untouched. If anyone want to pick up where I've left feel free to contact me at me[at] or on the smspower/sega IRC channel on EFnet. If anyone decides to pick it up I'll gladly still provide hosting and pay for the domain name.

The GitHub will appear here once I've added all the files.

Best regards,
Peder Johnsen.